In honor of Black History Month, Kotter's Rod Walker and Vanessa Akhtar wrote pieces that spoke to the criticality of diversity and share advice to people of color in the workplace.

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Young Minority Executives — What will be your legacy?

The Oscars Gets It Wrong. You Don’t Have To.

Minorities In Consulting – How To Overcome Workplace Barriers

Will Goldman’s New Mandate Create A Board Diversity Movement?

By Vanessa Akhtar and Gaurav Gupta

If you want to not only survive, but thrive during periods of great change, hunkering down to weather the storm is just about the worst thing you can do. Does your organization know where to get started? Kotter’s Vanessa Akhtar and Gaurav Gupta share some tips on Chief Executive. 

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By John Kotter

Benchmarking and best practices have their place in business, but will they help you build an organization that pushes its own boundaries? Probably not. Dr. John Kotter shares his thoughts on the pitfalls of relying on benchmarks alone to innovate.

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By Evan Smith

 While looking back at this past NFL season, Evan Smith reflected on the new generation of coaches in the league and the fresh approaches they've brought. What can leaders in other competitives environments learn from these newer entrants?

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"In a fast-moving world you need a new way of operating that invents significant numbers of better practices, sometimes even big jumps, all the time, and as quickly as possible."

- Dr. John Kotter, Beware Of Benchmarking And Best Practices

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