We are thrilled to share that Rod Walker has been named President of Consulting for Kotter and joined our Senior Leadership Team. Rod has been a Managing Director at Kotter for the past two years, and has led some of our largest accounts. Now he will oversee all of our consulting operations and help guide our continued growth.

Kotter's CEO Rick Western shares the news: "We are very excited to bring Rod into this new role, especially at this critical moment in history. With over 20 years of experience accelerating change and transformation for some of the world’s most high-profile organizations, Rod’s leadership and vision will be invaluable to helping our clients innovate, transform and ultimately thrive in the face of lasting COVID-related disruption and the increasing pace of change."

You'll see more from Rod here in the coming months and can read more about his new role on Yahoo Finance.


In early October, we hope you'll join us for a webinar sharing tips on how to lead in times of unprecedented change and crisis. Registration will open soon. In the meantime, you can pre-register to be among the first to receive an invite using the link below.

By Daniel Dworkin
Business leaders have long held up adaptability as a virtue, but becoming more adaptive takes more than just changing the course of your team's work. In this piece on Forbes, Kotter's Daniel Dworkin shares steps you can take to make your team more adaptable and ready for change.

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By Guarav Gupta
When the Business Roundtable released its Statement of Purpose last year, many critics were quick to point out that a shift to serving all stakeholders instead of just shareholders could mean serving no stakeholders at all. Kotter's Gaurav Gupta shares why that doesn't have to be the case.

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Video interview with Vanessa Akhtar
Employees today are feeling tremendous anxiety about their job security in a time of pandemic. But even before the coronavirus hit they were worried about the impact of automation — whether it would replace them or require them to learn new skills in order to stay employed. Kotter’s Vanessa Akhtar recently sat down with Supply Chain Brain to discuss how leaders can address these anxieties and lead better.

Watch on Supply Chain Brain

"Management makes a system work. It helps you do what you know how to do. Leadership builds systems or transforms old ones."

- Dr. John Kotter, Leading Change 


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