Kotter and our survey partner, Entromy, are conducting a survey to see how organizations have addressed changes in 2020 and what impact these responses have had on employees – both positive and negative.

For just 7 minutes of your time to complete the survey, you’ll receive a full report of our findings on the state of change in 2020. The report will also detail the additional changes we anticipate in 2021 and offer guidance to help organizations prepare for what’s up ahead.


Join Kotter and Seneca College on December 3, 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT for a free 1-hour interactive webinar. In it, Kotter’s Pat Cormier and Andres Mejia will address the surrounding uncertainty and share how you can turn it into opportunities for your organization.

Grounded in our latest research, you’ll learn a new approach to navigating uncertainty and what it takes to lead change right now.


By Rick Western

Kotter’s CEO, Rick Western, addresses a critical element missing from the remote working experience and shares four key ways for leaders and organizations to grow stronger through this challenging time.

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By Kathy Gersch

Drawing on her experience as an executive at Nordstrom and CMO for two online retailers, Kotter’s Chief Commercial Officer, Kathy Gersch, speaks to the accelerated trends and new reality that await retail workers as the holiday season rolls around.

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By Gaurav Gupta

Strategy is about making choices of how to apply your unique strengths (or exploit a competitor’s weaknesses) to create marketplace positions and operational approaches that can create a lasting advantage. However, strategic planning is not what it used to be, and now requires a constantly evolving view of opportunities and extreme flexibility.

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By Jimmy Leppert and Rod Walker

Leaders who can act both defensively and offensively to accelerate long-term strategies are bettered positioned for success. With these insights, industries can face new challenges and, consequently, unrivaled opportunity.

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“Always think of crises as potential opportunities, and not only dreadful problems that automatically must be delegated to the damage control specialist. A crisis can be your friend.”

- Dr. John Kotter, A Sense Of Urgency


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